The Healthy Sail Panel – Full Report

Royal Caribbean and Norwegian Groups formed a 'Healthy Sail Panel' to come up with science-backed recommendations on how cruise operations would return to service safely. The majority of them apply to both guests and crew therefore, current and prospective musicians.

Quoting the Document

"The following document represents the findings of a four-month effort by a panel of experts in public health, infectious disease, biosecurity, epidemiology, hospitality, and maritime operations. Our recommendations are rooted in the best scientific and public health information available, and offer guidance that we believe will be valuable to the cruise industry, and perhaps to other industries seeking to better protect the health and safety of their customers and employees. We look forward to sharing these recommendations with the overall cruise industry as well as with the public. "

Here are some main points discussed in the report – you can download the full length report here.

  • Pre-Boarding testing

  • Quarantine upon arrival

  • Periodic testing onboard

  • Surveillance / Contact Tracing

  • Use of face masks

  • Fewer guests & crew onboard

  • Additional Training

  • Social Distancing in Crew Areas

  • Shore Leave with Limitations

  • Single Occupancy Cabins when possible

  • Join shore excursions as "observers"

  • Medical costs covered for Covid-19

We should expect temporary changes in the cruise industry and beyond. But we also expect the crew to be taken seriously. That's happening. We can see it reflected in their attentiveness towards allowing shore leave opportunities, considering single cabins, and providing better services and amenities on board like free Wi-Fi.

Stay posted as we'll continue to provide updates!

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