Essentials for Promo Submissions

For prospective candidates, the importance of your promotional package (video, song list, resume) cannot be overstated as these positions are very competitive. Cruise ship entertainers are hired based on a 5-10 minute video and supplemental materials! We suggest following these 5 important tips to give you an edge at preparing your promotional package.

1) Video Song Selection – Generally speaking, keep song selections up-beat and enthusiastic. All song selections should be covers as entertainers will not be playing original music on board. so your promotional video should reflect that. Live footage isn't required, however, any home footage should simulate a live performance environment.

2) Video Song Length – You should always avoid submitting full songs versus excerpts. An effective submission should be about 15, short – 45 second, clips demonstrating a wide variety in style and era.

3) Members In Video – For band submissions, the members in the promo video must be the members who can commit to performing on the ship. Having an engaging and energetic attitude is essential on board and thus is essential to display in your promo as well.

4) Song List – You should submit, preferably in PDF form, at least 200 songs in your list. The selections in your song list will depend on position, however, the list should be well-organized by name, artist and genre. This repertoire list should show that you can perform an impressive range of styles and eras.

5) Performance Resume – This document should include all previous relevant experience. Do include: Any past cruise ship employment, list of venues/dates in which you’ve performed and music education. Do not include: Irrelevant information such as non-music related day-job, education or non-music employment. We get this a lot and have to think twice when we see a non-performance based resume.

Need more help putting together your promo submission? Download our promo 'How-To-Guide'

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