We know what it's like to go out on your first cruise ship contract. So, we've created a short list to help familiarize yourself with some of the more common cruise ship terms you would hear on board. When you're on the Flagship team, you'll know that we prepar...

For prospective candidates, the importance of your promotional package (video, song list, resume) cannot be overstated as these positions are very competitive. Cruise ship entertainers are hired based on a 5-10 minute video and supplemental materials! We sugges...

What is the Starting Salary for Cruise Ship Musicians? 

A Cruise Ship Musicians salary varies greatly based on the cruise line of hire, your position, your instrument and the number of years you've worked with a certain line. Here is a breakdown of starting sala...

If you Love Music and Travel, then this gig is a great choice

Life on board as s a cruise ship musician is an incredibly rewarding experience. There’s just no gig like it. You’re able to combine your love for music and travel, excel your career and make a signif...

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