There's an array of incredible job opportunities available for musicians to perform on board luxury cruise ships. We conduct regular auditions around the world and if you can’t make it to one of those, we can arrange an audition by video call. Discover which job position best suits your skill set.

We are recruiting cruise ship Showband Musicians, both horn and rhythm section players to

work in the main theatre on board 5-Star Cruise Lines. These cruise ship musicians MUST be good sight readers, improvise well, and play comfortably to a click track recording. The Showband plays Broadway-style production shows with a full cast of singers and dancers, as well as visiting Guest Headliner Acts. You will also occasionally be required to perform Big Band, Dance, and Jazz sets on board. A Showband gig on a cruise ship can be compared to that of a studio gig on land. Challenging…and highly rewarding! More details on each instrument can be found below. For information on online auditions for Showband Musicians, click here.

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Bands & Ensembles perform in various lounges around the ship. In general, repertoire varies greatly depending on the ensemble, however, most groups should have at least 200+ songs, covering an array of different styles (Pop, Rock, Motown, Latin, Show tunes, etc). Your band should be very engaging and should have prepared themed or tribute sets ready to go. Successful cruise ship Bands & Ensembles always leave guests with something to remember!

More details on each can be found below. For more information on the submission process for Bands & Ensembles, please click here

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As with all cruise ship musicians, Soloist need to bring it night after night through interactive songs, sing-alongs and repartee with the guests. You'll be scheduled to perform in various venues throughout the ship such as the main atrium, the pool deck, or smaller stages along the promenade. Soloists with a large repertoire, including themed or tribute sets are preferred.

More details on each can be found below. For information on the submission process for Soloists, please click here

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Alto and Tenor players need to be able to double effectively on flute and clarinet. This is very important because all ships will expect you to be proficient on all three instruments. Strong reading skills are required as rehearsal time is often limited. Commercial improvisation skills are required and experience playing theatre shows where quick instrument changes are preferred. If this sounds like your niche, click the link below to Apply

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